Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Victoria Beckham Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Victoria Beckham Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion - Fall 2009

Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York City recently welcomed many fashion designers. The event was called “Fashion’s Night Out”. Victoria Beckham attended in an unfortunate dress.
Victoria Beckham

Victoria wore a sleeveless mini dress that fitted very snugly. The dress was a pale orange with white zigzagging through it, similar to lightning, with black framing the white. The top of the dress, from the waist up, and strips of what seemed to be black PVC piping. The colors and design were not at all flattering on Victoria.
Victoria Beckham's Fashion Statement

Of course, it doesn’t help that she is rail thin and much too skinny. Had she had more of a figure, then perhaps the dress would have looked better; as it was, she barely has curves so it just sort of sat there. She wore sparkling stud earrings, a silver ring, and a big, tacky silver bracelet. The best thing about her outfit was her boots. She wore sexy, thigh-high black leather boots with stiletto heels. Why she paired them with that dress is a mystery.
Victoria had her hair cropped short. It was cut in layers of different lengths and her eyes played peek-a-boo in her long bangs. She wore a black headband to add some definition to her hair and it was teased up a little in the back. She wore a dark pink lipstick and blush, great colors for her. She wore a combination of black and silver glittery eyeshadows that helped to bring out her eyes and lined them in black.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Victoria Still Feels Sexy!

Victoria Beckham Still Feels Sexy!

Here is the latest interview with the one of the biggest fashion icons Victoria Beckham! You'll love this interview, you simply got to adore her!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Remain Cool with Scene Style

How to Remain Cool with Scene Style

The cool thing about scene style is how you make your appearance attractive and how you carry yourself in public scene.

Have a name that is original that describes you, taken from the first letter of your real name. You can have a new name with the first letter and last letter of your real name attached to your new name.
Think of a word that is not common then add it to your name.

Play scene music from bands such as Metro Station, M.I.A., Tokio Hotel, Lily Allen, Millionares, The Medic and Shiny Toy Guns. Hear new variety of songs instead of old ones. There is a wide range of scene music that includes many songs but excludes country type and raps.

You can observe other scene kids what kind of music they play and anything techno, random or unique kinds of music can be fitted for you. You can be active on social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, Buzznet, Pure Volume and Bebo, ‘though Bebo is not as good as the others.

If you are a scene kid and you want to exude a scene style that is cool and impressive, you need things such as huge sunglasses, cellphone, money, make-up, camera, eyeliner, combs, choppy layers, scene clothes, scene kid lingo and many others.

When you interact with others, don’t display over-confidence and act like a jerk. Don’t let people think that you’re trying to put them down, but don’t let them step on your head; just do the right balance.