Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Victoria Beckham Hair in 2010

Getting Victoria Beckham Hair in 2010

For 2010, you can look to Victoria Beckham to set the styles! Victoria has a habit of changing her hair styles very often and it usually causes a scene in the media when she does!

Victoria has a way of turning a short style into a very posh look! She has used various shorter cuts and colorings to show off her style and personality in ways that all of us want to copy. We have to consider a couple of things before we steal her look though. Victoria has a basically oval face so it is very forgiving with all hairstyles. And she has small feminine features that still look good when accentuated by her short haircuts.

If your face is a different shape, do not worry about it because there are ways to compliment any shape in short hairstyles these days with the use of bangs in different lengths and angles. But if you want exactly Victoria’s look, then the closer you are to having her features, the easier it will be for you to copy.

Finally, you must consider that Victoria has very fine and straight hair. So, if your hair is thicker or curly naturally, then you may also be in for some chemical straightening treatments and heated straightening irons that could be damaging to your hair. Think about your desired style, and search online for as many flattering styles as possible before you decide on Victoria’s style for sure. But any way you do it, be sure to express your personality with your fashion!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

Short hair is often referred to as the hair that is easiest to maintain. This statement could not be farther from the truth. Short hair requires more frequent cuts and often better care in order to keep the small amount of hair you have, in great shape. That does not mean thatshort hair is not very popular right now.

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion TrendsMany people who choose short hair actually go into the salon telling the stylist not to cut the lengths the same. This edgy new technique brings a bit of the wild side out in those who choose to go crazy with fine layers.Short hair does not have to be tame all the time. The right cut with just the right amount of layers, can serve a dual purpose. Day time sleek and night time fun,short hair is all about being who you are when you want people to see you.

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

Spring 2009 Hair Fashion Trends

2009 New Haircuts - Curly Hair Styles Trends

Curly Hairstyles can suit any occassion. Most people with straight hairs envy people who are naturally born with curly hairs. There are many hairstyles that you can do with a curly hair and it is an excellent way to add volume and thickness to your hair. You can use ringlets to add curls to your hair without muck work. Coloring your curly hair is a good way to add style and dimension to it too. Check out these curly hairstyles below to see what you like!

wavy Curly Hair Styles Trends2009 New Haircuts - wavy Curly Hair Styles Trends

curly hair with short wavy layerscurly hair with short wavy layers

curly hair with long bangs2009 New Haircuts - Curly Hair Styles Trends

Curly Hair Styles Trends2009 New Haircuts - Curly Hair Styles Trends

celebrity curly hairstylescelebrity curly hairstyles

curly hairstyles picturescurly hairstyles 2009

african american short curly hair cutsafrican american short curly hair cuts

2009 New Haircuts2009 New Haircuts - Curly Hair Styles Trends

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A-Line Scene Hairstyles

A modern twist on the classic bob haircut uses an angled cutting
line to add layers along the bottom edge of the haircut. The result
of this variation is a more scene 'fitted' look to the style, and a
softer, rounder scene hairstyle. Check out the pictures of different
scene hair to create your new scene hairstyle.

How To:
Shampoo and condition the hair as needed, towel dry, and comb
out. Once combed to remove tangles, isolate the fringe area of the

Section the hair on the crown, twist it up and clip it in place. Next,
take one-to-one-and-a-half-inch sections of hair sliced at an angle
from the center back of the head to the front, twist and clip them
out of the way as shown. Leave down only the hair at the nape of
the neck.

Comb the hair down and cut a guideline to the desired length.
Then, starting in the center of the neck area by combing a vertical
slice and holding it at an approximately 45-degree elevation (follow
the angle created by placing the comb against the back ofthe head
over the occipital bone) cut the hair along that 45-degree angle and
continue to one side, then the next, working outward from the

Once the nape section is cut, let down the next two sections (one
from each side of the head) and comb them back toward the
cutting angle. Always working outward from the center back, take
slices of hair and cut them at 45-degrees, using the previously cut
sections as a guide.

Repeat this process with the remaining clipped sections until you've
worked your way completely forward to the face. Then comb the
hair down along the sides and trim the bottom edge to even it and
create a clean line.

Beginning once more in the back of the head, comb thin vertical
slices and hold them out at the previous 45-degree angle, then cut
the corners of the slices to blend away the weight line. Work your
way around the head in this manner, from back to fronton each

Black Scene Hair Hairstyles Haircuts

Perm Hairstyles For Short Hair - Wedding Hairstyles

While it might be tempting to be daring and try out that perm you've always wanted or get yourself some new bangs,remember this:It's your wedding day,and you still want to look like you!Instead of making dramatic changes,make an appointment with your stylist to experiment with some classic wedding styles.

If you're wearing a veil,take it along-and above all else,make sure you settle on something that's comfortable and will last for the whole day.You don't want to be stuck in the bathroom at your own reception with a handful of bobby pins and a can of hairspray.

Wedding hairstyles for short hairWedding hairstyles for short hair
Perm Hairstyles For Short Hair - Wedding HairstylesPerm Hairstyles For Short Hair - Wedding Hairstyles

2009 Spring Very Short Boyish Haircuts for Girls

So,if you are planning on cutting your hair and want a short hairstyle? you can choose these fashion short hairstyles if you love it.

classic Short Hairstyles
short boyish hairstylesshort boyish hairstyles
short blonde hairstylesshort blonde hairstyles
short classy brunette hairstylesshort classy brunette hairstyles
very short layered hairstylesvery short layered hairstyles
short inverted bob hairstylesshort inverted bob hairstyles
2009 celebrity short hairstyle2009 celebrity short hairstyle
Short Hairstyles fashionShort Hairstyles fashion
2009 Short Hairstyles2009 Short Hairstyles
2009 Short Hairstyles2009 Short Hairstyles